School Fees

Parents pay a sum of N20,000 (twenty thousand naira) per term for each child.

New Admissions

The following are steps to be followed by parents seeking admissions for their children into Al-Bir International Model School:

Step 1 – pay in the sum of N2,000 (two thousand naira) only, into the school’s Jaiz Bank account.

Step 2 – present the bank teller you receive after payment to the school’s attendant administrator within the school premises.

Step 3 –  you will then be issued an application form which you are required to fill in and return to the school.

Step 4 – your child will need to take an entry level test after which successful candidates will be issued with admission letters.

Step 5 –  all requirements will be stated in the admission letters, parents of successful candidates are expected to carefully read through their letters and provide the school with all required documents.

Step 6 – necessary materials will be provided to the children after they have completed registration.